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Visit the Mempowered website to explore an extensive collection of articles and reports on memory and how to improve it. 

Since the publication of her book The Memory Key in 1999, Dr Fiona McPherson has continued to follow new research on memory and translate it into practical advice for those who wish to know how to improve their memory and learning skills. She has done this through her extensive website on memory and memory improvement, regular newsletters, and specialist books.


book covers

Books and booklets available for immediate download.

Dr McPherson's first book on memory, The Memory Key, was first published in New Zealand by Tandem Press, and subsequently published in the United States by Career Press. Most recently it has been revised and republished by Random House UK as Perfect Memory Training. It has been translated into German, and most recently into French (as 100% mémoire).

Further books on specific aspects of memory and learning have been published through Wayz Press.