Memory Workshops

Weekly classes (Wellington)

One-day workshops (Auckland & Wellington)

Online courses


Weekly classes (Wellington only)

A general interest course for those who want to sharpen their abilities at learning & remembering, and learn about how their memory works.

This is NOT a course for those wishing to become “memory champions” or to acquire a “photographic memory”. This is for people who don’t want to go to extraordinary efforts, but rather want to improve their skills at everyday memory and learning situations (see below for more detail).


This is an in-person, six week course. Each weekly class will be 90 minutes long, and will take place in Wellington, New Zealand.

The emphasis of the workshop will be on practical experience, group activities, and informed discussion of memory problems and solutions.

The course includes online support, to extend the information and guided exercises available to students.


This course will only go ahead when a sufficient number of people have registered their interest (this does not commit you to attending the course). Register your interest by filling out this brief questionnaire or by sending an email to




What you’ll learn

The basic principles of how memory works, and how these apply in different memory situations and to different memory strategies.

What factors affect your memory, and the changes in your habits that can improve your memory.

How to recognize difficult memory situations, and ways to deal with them.

How to practice effectively, to maximize learning.

How to improve your attention & focus.

Specific memory strategies you can apply (including mnemonic, organizational, and connection strategies).


Memory situations covered include:

Remembering information

Learning a new skill

Remembering future intentions & events

Keeping track of what you’re doing

Remembering names & faces


You can get some further idea of what the course will cover here, but note that the memory workshop will be quite flexible, responsive to participants’ specific interests.


One-day workshops (Auckland & Wellington)

More intensive, compressed versions of the online memory improvement course and the Fighting mental decline course are also planned. Residents of Auckland and Wellington who would be interested in participating in a one-day workshop are invited to register their interest.

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