Research & Evaluation

Charles is now working at the Social Wellbeing Agency and is not available for research & evaluation work.

Capital Research Ltd, now trading as Wayz, has provided expert research and evaluation advice (scoping, design, analysis, peer review), and management since 1994.

​Charles Sullivan specialises in:


  • conceptually or quantitatively complex projects
  • coordinating multidisciplinary collaboration
  • transport and justice.

We focus on providing expert help with planning, design, and analysis, not on managing in-house data collection.

Ways we can help include:

  • Scoping and planning research/evaluations
  • Reviewing designs or completed projects (even reanalysis)
  • Training in research techniques (quantitative)
  • Complete hands-on involvement (through to complete analysis and reporting) is usually restricted to complex projects and projects about transport or justice.

Project examples

List of articles and reports by Charles Sullivan