Research & Evaluation

Please note that Wayz is not currently seeking such research and evaluation work; Charles is now employed at the Health Promotion Agency.

Capital Research Ltd, now trading as Wayz, has provided expert research and evaluation advice (scoping, design, analysis, peer review), and management since 1994.

​Charles Sullivan specialises in:


  • transport
  • multidisciplinary collaboration
  • conceptually or quantitatively complex projects.

We focus on providing expert help with planning, design, and analysis, not on managing in-house data collection. For large-scale interviewing and routine data processing, go to mainstream research companies.

Ways we can help include:

  • Scoping and planning research/evaluations (including preparation of briefs/RFPs)
  • Reviewing designs or completed projects (even reanalysis)
  • Training in research techniques (quantitative)
  • Complete hands-on involvement with evaluation or research project (through to complete analysis and reporting) is usually restricted to complex projects and/or transport projects.

Project examples

List of articles and reports by Charles Sullivan