Project examples

Some projects Charles has had a major role in:

Multidisciplinary collaboration

  • Leading an ACNielsen research team working together with social marketers, health behaviour specialists, and a structural equation modeller in a large psycho-behavioural segmentation project involving over 8000 respondents (SPARC/Cancer Society Obstacles to Action Study)
  • Collaboration with roading engineer from Opus International and a leading international transport economist (Transit New Zealand project measuring willingness-to-pay for four-laning)


  • Reviewing the Differentiated Service Model of service delivery for The Correspondence School (with Kate McKegg, Nan Wehipeihana & Judy Oakden)
  • Creating an evaluation plan for Career Services (Better Trade & Tertiary Decision-Making project).


  • Review of older driver crash statistics for the Ministry of Transport (which helped to end a long-running dispute between Grey Power and the Land Transport Safety Authority about interpretation of these statistics).

Complex quantitative analysis

  • Translation of 100,000+ trip legs in the NZ Travel Study into different units of travel combining trip legs into larger units of travel (trip chains and tours) useful for analysis of school travel, potential for mode change, and vehicle occupancy.
  • Discrete choice/tradeoff analysis of choices between transport mode in 4-year long study funded by the Foundation for Research, Science & Technology

Large/complex survey management

  • NZ Crime & Safety Survey: face-to-face nationwide using CAPI/CASI, n>5000, exceptionally complex questionnaire.
  • Active New Zealand Survey for SPARC: face-to-face nationwide using PDAs, n>4000, questionnaire design handled unusual challenges to memory (recalling physical activity in detail over previous 7 days).