Charles Sullivan has extensive management experience from being a Director in leading research companies (Nielsen, Research NZ) for around a decade, evaluation expertise (was a founding member of the Kinnect Group of evaluators), and has several years experience working as an independent researcher/evaluator. More recently he has been managing change in a large public sector research group through four Team Leads, and gained substantial hands-on analysis experience with administrative data and the Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI) at the Ministry of Justice.

His current interests include returning to work more with administrative data/Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI) and evaluation, sharing the 'craft' skills of doing complex analytic projects, and helping navigate research/evaluation through ambiguity.

Fiona McPherson has regularly assisted Charles with literature reviews, questionnaire development, and report-writing. She also carries out independent work on practical aspects of memory and website development.

They have productive connections with many collaborators they have enjoyed working with previously and with former colleagues.