Novels from Wayz Press

Book cover Hunting Night by F.M. McPherson

A killer who has never killed. A virgin who has raped a thousand women. Mike Jaeger lives always on the cusp of violence, trying to balance the world of the present and the world of the past. Deep in his cells, ancestral memory is written in full senso-round.

His ancestors hunted men in the deep forests and the endless steppes. A private...

Book cover The sharpest edge by F.M. McPherson


A story of intense friendship and self-discovery


The secrets are out. Surely now Dave and the Jaeger family can move on with their lives. But secrets aren’t so easily told or accepted. Coming to terms with their pasts will require all their courage, and it will tear their hearts.

And all the secrets are not yet told...

Book cover Secrets have jagged edges by F.M. McPherson


Secrets have jagged edges. When you open them, they tear the heart. 

And the secrets of families have the sharpest edge of all.


He’s hearing voices and seeing terrible creatures in the shadows. Is Mike going crazy? Is he right to believe his father knows more than he’s saying?

And if he is going crazy, what...