Hunting Night

by F.M. McPherson
Book cover

A killer who has never killed. A virgin who has raped a thousand women. Mike Jaeger lives always on the cusp of violence, trying to balance the world of the present and the world of the past. Deep in his cells, ancestral memory is written in full senso-round.

His ancestors hunted men in the deep forests and the endless steppes. A private investigator, he hunts men on the streets of Vancouver. But this hunt will lead Mike down a twisted trail that brings him face-to-face with someone who could crack open all his family’s secrets. And along the way he will be confronted again and again with the urgent temptations of lust and violence. For he has lost his anchor.

A young woman is dead. An innocent man is going to pay. And Mike Jaeger is drowning.


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Publication date: 

September, 2014

File size: 

316 pages (print)


978-1-927166-25-3 (epub)
978-1-927166-24-6 (mobi)
978-1-927166-26-0 (pdf)
978-1-927166-27-7 (print)