Indo-European Cognate Dictionary

by Fiona McPherson, PhD
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A new type of dictionary. An indispensable reference for language learners within the Indo-European language family, as well as for any who love words and want to deepen their understanding of English, or any of these other languages.

This dictionary records words from 32 languages, covering eight of the nine living branches of the Indo-European language ‘tree’. These languages are English, Old English, Frisian, Dutch, German, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Norse, Welsh, Irish, Latin, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Ancient Greek, Modern Greek, Lithuanian, Latvian, Russian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Macedonian, Albanian, Sanskrit, Hindi, Persian, Pashto. Of these, the Germanic and Romance languages are covered far more completely and deeply, with nearly 32,000 of the 40,000 words in the dictionary belonging to these groups.

The dictionary consists of two parts. The first part contains the pages for each Proto-Indo-European word (the root word), showing cognates in the chosen languages plus various descendants and derivatives. These pages are arranged thematically, allowing you to browse or study. Search is enabled by the second part to the dictionary, which contains a separate index for each language, telling you where to find each word.





Publication date: 

March, 2018

File size: 

2.7 MB (ePub); 8.93 MB (pdf)


978-1-927166-40-6 (ePub)
978-1-927166-41-3 (pdf)
978-1-927166-39-0 (mobi)

Please note that the pdf version is a pdf of the print edition, and thus indexing and cross-references use page numbers rather than links.