Memory in normal aging

by Fiona McPherson, PhD

An edited and organized collection of articles and news reports from the Mempowered website, on the subject of age-related cognitive decline. The booklet (60 pages) includes the following topics:

  • Memory in normal aging
  • The Seattle Longitudinal Study of Adult Intelligence
  • Why do some cognitive processes decline with age?
  • How cognitive function declines
  • Rate of cognitive decline
  • Extent of cognitive decline
  • Specific failures:
    •   Word-finding problems
    •   Tip-of-the-tongue experiences
    •   Forgetting to do things
    •   Vulnerability to distraction
    •   Source memory failures
  • The positive side of age-related cognitive change



Publication date: 

April, 2010

File size: 

60 pages / 726 Kb