How to revise and practice (2nd ed.)

by Fiona McPherson, PhD
Book cover

In this revised edition of How to Learn: The 10 principles of effective revision & practice, examples and exercises from science, mathematics, history, foreign languages, and skill learning, are used to show exactly how to apply the 10 principles of effective practice and revision.

Few students know how to revise effectively, which is why they waste so much time going over and over material, as they try to hammer it into their heads. But you don’t need to spend all that time, and you don’t need to endure such boredom. What you need to do is understand how to review your learning in the most effective way. Using examples and exercises from science, math, history, foreign languages, and skill learning, that is what this book aims to teach you. This workbook will tell you

  • what you should practice or revise
  • how you should revise
  • how often you should revise
  • how far apart you should schedule your sessions
  • different strategies you can use in your practice / revision
  • how skill learning differs from ‘fact’ learning

and more.

This workbook is for students who are serious about being successful in study, and teachers who want to know how best to help their students learn.




Publication date: 

November, 2020