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My Memory Journal (paperback)

Maybe you're getting older. Maybe you're stressed, or chronically tired, or just overwhelmed. Whatever the reason, you're finding it harder to remember things that matter to you. This journal is designed to help you.

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Successful Learning Simplified (paperback)

An adjunct and quick reference for those who have the more in-depth workbooks, or a simplified guide for those who want the bottom-line without the detail.

NZ$24.99 (GST incl)
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Letters to Emma (Paperback)

Letters to Emma tells one story of how New Zealand was built in the later years of the nineteenth century. This is a personal history, told through the correspondence of the Sumpters, a leading Oamaru family. 

NZ$27.50 (GST incl)
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How to learn: The 10 principles of effective revision and practice (Paperback)

Being a successful student is far more about being a smart user of effective strategies than about being 'smart'. In Effective Notetaking and Mnemonics for Study, Dr McPherson showed readers many strategies for improving understanding and memory. But these on their own can only take you so far, if you don’t know how to cement that information into your brain for the long term. In this new book, Dr McPherson explains the 10 principles of effective practice and revision.

NZ$27.60 (GST incl)
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Effective Notetaking (2nd ed) (Paperback)

This research-based manual on notetaking includes not only the obvious strategies such as how to format your notes and how to summarize, but also the more complex ones of how to evaluate text and how to ask the right questions.

NZ$24.15 (GST incl)
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Planning to Remember: How to remember what you’re doing and what you plan to do (Paperback)

This book helps you understand the most common memory failures - forgetting our intentions, and losing track of what we're doing - and shows you how to overcome them.

NZ$17.25 (GST incl)
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Mnemonics for Study (Paperback)

This concise book goes far beyond the same tired descriptions of mnemonics, using the latest research to explain exactly how these strategies work and are best used.

NZ$16.10 (GST incl)