About Wayz

Capital Research Ltd, now trading as Wayz, was established in 1994. Based in Wellington, New Zealand, it has provided expert research and evaluation advice and management locally, while operating internationally as a provider of information and advice on learning and memory.

Wayz Press is an arm of Wayz, publishing both print and e-books in several formats.

Wayz is owned and operated by Fiona McPherson & Charles Sullivan.


Fiona McPherson, PhD

Fiona McPherson has a PhD in cognitive psychology from the internationally-regarded Psychology Department at the University of Otago. In 1999 her book The Memory Key was published in New Zealand by Tandem Press. This was followed by its publication in the United States by Career Press, and translation into German by mvg Verlag. Most recently it has been revised and published by Random House UK as Perfect Memory Training, and translated into French.

More specialized books have followed, helping students improve their study skills, and helping middle-aged and older people improve their memory and absentmindedness. These books are published by Wayz Press.  

Since 2000 Dr McPherson has maintained a website dedicated to providing information on memory and how to improve it: www.mempowered.com.


Charles Sullivan, PhD

Charles Sullivan has a solid basis of practical experience managing surveys and other common data collection methods, as well as in owning a rapidly growing business. In 2007, he returned to work for Capital Research after two years leading ACNielsen’s Public Enterprise industry practice group. From 2001-05 he worked from home, with most of the work matching the company tagline then: “we manage the tough stuff”.

He was a partner for eight years in BRC Marketing & Social Research (now Research NZ), Wellington's most successful research company during the 1990s. A broader perspective to many issues comes from his earlier work: managing a public sector research group, lecturing in business statistics at the University of Otago, and psychology research. Most recently, he has been working at MartinJenkins as Manager, Evaluation & Research Services.