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Wayz Press is an independent publisher specializing in books on memory and learning.

Wayz Press publishes both print and e-books. All e-books are DRM-free and (with the exception of The Memory Key) available in multiple digital formats.

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Study Skills eBooks

Book cover How to revise and practice (2nd ed.) by Fiona McPherson, PhD

In this revised edition of How to Learn, examples and exercises from science, mathematics, history, foreign languages, and skill learning, are used to show exactly how to apply the 10 principles of effective practice and revision.

Book cover Mnemonics for Study: Spanish edition by Fiona McPherson, PhD

This version of Mnemonics for Study has an extensive English-Spanish glossary (750 words) to assist Spanish-language readers. The relevant glossary is provided after each section, and these section glossaries are all included in the Table of Contents for easy reference. A complete glossary in alphabetical order is also included at the end of the book.

Book cover Mnemonics for Study: Italian edition by Fiona McPherson, PhD

This version of Mnemonics for Study (2nd ed.) has an extensive English-Italian glossary (750 words) to assist Italian readers.

Book cover How to Approach Learning: What teachers and students should know about succeeding in school by Fiona McPherson, PhD

A collection of articles and research reports on study skills from the author's websites, arranged and edited for greater cohesiveness.

Book cover Successful Learning Simplified by Fiona McPherson, PhD

An adjunct and quick reference for those who have the more in-depth workbooks, or a simplified guide for those who want the bottom-line without the detail.

Book cover How to learn: The 10 principles of effective revision and practice by Fiona McPherson, PhD

Effective strategies for improving understanding and memory can only take you so far, if you don’t know how to cement that information into your brain for the long term. In this new book, Dr McPherson explains the 10 principles of effective practice and revision.

Book cover Effective Notetaking (3rd ed) by Fiona McPherson, PhD

Updated Sept 2018! This research-based manual on notetaking includes not only the obvious strategies such as how to format your notes and how to summarize, but also the more complex ones of how to evaluate text and how to ask the right questions.

Book cover Mnemonics for Study (2nd ed.) by Fiona McPherson, PhD

This concise book goes far beyond the same tired descriptions of mnemonics, using the latest research to explain exactly how these strategies work and are best used. This 2nd edition includes multi-choice chapter reviews and a step-by-step case study.

Study Skills

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Everyday Memory eBooks

Book cover Make Your Own Memory Journal by Fiona McPherson, PhD

A digital version of “My Memory Journal”. Using this, you can turn a blank notebook into your own memory journal. The book has all the text provided in “My Memory Journal”, including instructions on how to use it, examples, specialist pages, and all the tips and focal strategies for each week. The Journal covers 26 weeks.

Book cover The Memory Key by Fiona McPherson, PhD

Dr McPherson's 'foundation' book on memory, setting out the basic principles of memory and how they relate to effective strategies for memory and learning.

Book cover Planning to Remember (Everyday Skills) by Fiona McPherson, PhD

This book helps you understand the most common memory failures - forgetting our intentions, and losing track of what we're doing - and shows you how to overcome them.

Everyday Skills

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Social History from Wayz Press

Book cover Letters to Emma: Early Oamaru through the eyes of the Sumpter family edited by Fiona McPherson

A personal history of early New Zealand, told through the correspondence of a leading Oamaru family. 


Fiction from Wayz Press

Book cover Hunting Night by F.M. McPherson

A young woman is dead. An innocent man is going to pay. And Mike Jaeger is drowning.

Book cover The sharpest edge by F.M. McPherson

This book continues the story told in Secrets have jagged edges (previously published as Secrets). This is Dave’s story.A story of intense friendship and self-discovery

Book cover Secrets have jagged edges by F.M. McPherson

Secrets have jagged edges. When you open them, they tear the heart. And the secrets of families have the sharpest edge of all. A Young Adult coming-of-age novel, featuring two boys with very different secrets.

Secrets series US$3.99